Families looking to take a relaxing vacation together will love these Colorado multi-cabin resorts. They are ideal for hosting weddings, reunions and other events!

Large Capacity Multi-Cabin Resorts in Colorado

Multi-cabin resorts are the perfect place to plan your family reunion, corporate retreat, or other large group event. Comfortable accommodations merge with relaxing grounds, upscale amenities, and onsite event venues to create an all-inclusive experience that caters to your needs. Whether its onsite fishing, a stunning river walkway, or a picturesque backdrop for a wedding ceremony and family photos, these Colorado resorts have everything you need to stage a destination event the family will remember for years to come.

Social, but private

Play together at the resort while having your own private cabin getaway. Multi-cabin resorts offer unique accommodations that allow group trips to be more customizable to the factions that make up your large-group event. Whether you’re traveling with a collection of couples, families, or friends, multi-cabin resorts often have a variety of cabin sizes to keep everyone comfortable.

This could mean couples reserving the ability to keep it low-key and “just us two,” or parents getting a break from the constant sleepover by putting the cousins together in the bunkhouse. Whatever your preferences, speak with your book-direct resort owner or manager to find out what organizational tricks they may have up their sleeves.

Was that the dinner bell?

One of the best reasons to spread your group out among multiple cabins is that it makes it easier to plan one big meal per day as a group, and save time and effort the rest of the time by cooking in your rental’s kitchen or kitchenette. Bring your own snacks and stick to your own schedule — it shouldn’t take a drill sergeant to keep everybody fed. This also makes it possible for that one meal a day that you plan together to be a real event! Some of our exciting Colorado resorts are just a few minutes' drive away from popular tourist towns with unique restaurants and mountain views.

Who’s driving us to town?

Speaking of fun-to-visit nearby towns, these Colorado resorts hit it out of the park when it comes to location. We have members with riverfront walking paths, sun decks hanging right over a rushing river, — and much more! Not to mention, they're surrounded by one-of-a-kind sight-seeing opportunities at the national parks and on the state's unparelleled scenic railways. And staying at side-by-side resort cabins makes it much easier to share transportation — no need for every group of two to have their own rental car.

Choose your adventure

Best of all, some Colorado multi-cabin resorts offer a variety of experiences for guests on their grounds — from large luxury log homes to one-bedroom cabins that are all about the view. Each faction can choose the accommodations that make them the most comfortable, and everyone can have the vacation they deserve.

More to come

Our site is brand new, so check back soon for more links to Colorado resort pages! At RentColoradoCabins.com, you can compare and price your stay for multiple resort options, then send an inquiry out to the owners to find the best fit. Use the links below to navigate directly to the resort’s landing page:

Loveland Heights Cottages

Your group will love staying at any one of these Colorado multi-cabin resorts. Book directly with the resort owner and skip the service fees found on Vrbo and Airbnb. Why pay more for the same cabin, cottage, lodge or home? Plus, you talk to the resort and area experts — not a call center.

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