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Increase your bookings and profits with, a dedicated vacation rental website for Colorado. Our book direct approach means more money in your pocket. No booking commissions for owners/managers and no service fees for your guests.

This is not our first rodeo. We've proven that our unique regional approach works when we have support. Our previously launched websites for Tennessee, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin rank high on Google and Bing for thousands of regional search terms. 90% of our website traffic is organic (free). Help us grow! List your cabins, cottages, lodges, or homes on and enjoy our low annual fee platform.

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Vrbo won't do it. Airbnb won't do it. WE WILL GET YOU MORE DIRECT BOOKINGS! Odds are you use social media to promote your rentals and boost direct bookings. What if you could reach an additional 35,000+ renters a month for $35 per month? What if we did it for you? Over the next year we will post monthly campaigns on our regional and national social media channels that focus on your brand and send more renters to your website.

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Are you ready to supercharge your Colorado vacation rental bookings? Look no further than! It's no secret that today's savvy travelers turn to the internet to find their dream mountain retreats. If your property isn't listed here, you're missing out on connecting with guests who are eager to book directly with you, bypassing those hefty fees from platforms like VRBO and Airbnb.

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Ready to embark on a journey of success? List your property now and let Colorado vacationers book directly with you! ATTENTION MULTI-CABIN RESORT OWNERS AND PROPERTY MANAGERS:
List multiple rentals and we’ll set up a free resort/property management landing page so renters can compare them on one page. After all, each rental has its own character, amenities and surroundings.

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6 rental listings $513/yr
7 rental listings $580/yr
8 rental listings $634/yr
9 rental listings $696/yr
10 rental listings $747/yr

Have more than 10 rentals to list? That's not uncommon. We have managers that list hundreds! Nearly every resort and property manager lists all of their rentals to maximize their exposure and return on investment. Enter the number of rentals you want to list in the form.

Don't let our low annual rates deceive you. Our service is based on providing VALUE SUPERSTAR service to owners and property managers. We are the JM Creative Group, and our perfectly normal obsession with the vacation rental industry has led us to launch several state-specific vacation rental websites:,,,, and recently,, and You get the idea—we're just getting started.

Do you use email spam-blocking tools? To ensure you receive our email communications, please add to your list of safe addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email program allows inquiries from us. All rental contracts are between renters and owners or managers. RENTCOLORADOCABINS.COM doesn't take a commission on your rental fee. RENTCOLORADOCABINS.COM is your proud book direct partner. If you have questions, please contact us at 608-721-6238.

As a general rule, the larger the population base of the area in which your vacation rental is located, the more likely there are to be additional county and/or city regulations you will have to follow. Make sure you check the rental laws in your town or county.